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ESQAT-CHINA: Embedded Software Quality Assurance and Testing Training in China

ESQAT-CHINA is an Asia-Invest II Project Asia invest II Logo

Project Partners


Beijing Software Industry Association (BSIA) - www.bsia.org.cn - is one of the most influential organisations in China's software and IT industries. It consists of over 300 leading software and IT companies located in Beijing. Almost all large computer manufacturers, software developers, Internet service companies and R&D institutions are members of BSIA – the only representative organisation recognised by the Beijing Municipal Government in this field. BSIA is now playing a more important role in the country's drive towards the information age, partly thanks to the Government's call for "smaller government but bigger agents". As a bridge connecting the government and the software industry, BSIA has recently been granted by the Chinese Government the right to certify software enterprises and products.

BSIA has been a leading Chinese partner in the EC-funded projects such as e-EUChina and EC-Bridge. BSIA is an experienced organizer of international software and IT events in China and is a key contractor of the People’s Government of Haidian, Beijing to organize key conferences of the Zhongguancun IT Festival such as China IT Outsourcing Summit (CITOS), China eGovernment Conference, CMM and China Software Industry Development Forum, etc.

Please visit BSIA's website for further information: www.bsia.org.cn.



The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) - www.tssg.org - was founded in 1996. Since then, it has grown from 3 to over 85 members of staff and students comprising WIT faculty - www.wit.ie -, full-time principle and senior investigators, centre managers, researchers - including programmers and engineers - research students and support staff. All the funding for the TSSG has been won in competitive tenders for national and international research funding.

The TSSG's main area of research is communications software services encompassing emerging architectures for management of complex telecommunications and Internet systems as well as next generation service development and deployment. The TSSG has strong expertise in the areas of distributed systems and service oriented architectures, particularly when applied to the communications and telecommunications domain.

The TSSG has two primary divisions - the Research Division and the Commercial Division. Each of the divisions is composed of centres, each with its own thematic focus. Together the TSSG encompasses a balanced portfolio of active research projects reflecting a synergistic mix of basic research (strategically oriented), applied research, pre-product development, and commercial spin-off activities. Thus the TSSG sees itself as an exemplar of a new vision of research in Ireland that is both trans-disciplinary (combining mainly engineering, computing and business) and pursues a combination of academic and commercial excellence. With over 30 current active funded research projects (primarily Irish and European funding), and a history of over 50 funded projects (of which the TSSG has been the lead partner in over 65%) the TSSG is the largest group in Ireland engaged in such a critical mass of activity relating to communications software services, and indeed is one of the most successful integrated research clusters in any academic domain in Ireland.

Please visit TSSG's website - www.tssg.org - or WIT's website - www.wit.ie - for further information.