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ESQAT-CHINA: Embedded Software Quality Assurance and Testing Training in China

ESQAT-CHINA is an Asia-Invest II Project Asia invest II Logo

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Innovalia Association - www.innovalia.org - is an independent private Associated Research Lab, which serves as a vehicle for articulating a critical mass to successfully address the Innovalia Group’s ambitious and strategic long-term research objectives. INNOVALIA is an industrial group of companies based in Spain. Innovalia has an international presence, with premises in Spain – The Basque Country, Madrid, Barcelona-Catalonia, The Canary Islands; the European continent, Asia, Central & South America.

Innovalia Association is a Technology Agent of the Basque Country’s Technology Network (SARETEK) and assembles skills, laboratories and resources from its member companies. The Innovalia Association is organised into three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit, Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit, Manufacturing and Knowledge Management.

Apart from its original members, the ICT Unit also maintains formal collaboration agreements with a selected group of R&D centres, SMEs and larger enterprises, which fulfil two fundamental premises: excellence and a proven commitment to R&D activities.

Innovalia’s business activities broadly span the whole European market, the supply of RTD services, the networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME collaboration activities and SME training. Innovalia enjoys a very high level of collaboration with large numbers of companies throughout Spain and the European continent.

Among others, the activity sectors where the Innovalia Association focuses its activity include: Aeronautics and Space, Automotive, Electronics & Communications, SME Management, Industrial, Tourism and Entertainment, Metal Mechanics.

The diverse skills inherent to engineers, scientists, artists and humanists are centralised and coordinated in INNOVALIA, providing a multifaceted perspective of multimedia services and complex communication systems. In the context of ICT, the research Lab has developed skills in the following areas:

Innovalia is currently running a specialised programme at national and regional level called e-EXCELLENCE, training ICT professionals on advanced Security and Software Quality Assurance Techniques. Innovalia training activities also encompass from long-term technology developments addressed by the organisation of International Conferences such as QA&TEST, METROMEET and TECHNARTE, to leading edge industrial technology developments addressed by ICT and Metrology Seminar and excellence training Programmes.

Please, visit Innovalia Association website for further information: www.innovalia.org